Introduction to Quantum Information Processing
QIC 710, CS 768, CO 681, PHYS 767, AMATH 871, PMATH 871 (Fall 2023)

Instructor: Richard Cleve (
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students: please include QIC-710 in email subject, regardless of the version you’re in

Vahid R. Asadi ( office hour: Mondays 3-4pm, in QNC 1201
Eric Culf ( office hour: Wednesdays 10-11am, in QNC 3112
Yuming Zhao ( office hour: Fridays 3-4pm, in QNC 4203

Course web site:

Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30-9:50am in HH 1102 (first class is on September 7)

General course information [here]

Lecture videos [here]

Lecture notes [here]


  • On Monday Sept 25, Vahid Asadi's office hour was (temporarily) changed to 11am-Noon in QNC 3117
  • The instructor had an office hour Sept. 15, 3-4pm in QNC 3129.
  • Q6 of Assignment 1 edited for clarity.
  • Times of office hours (starting Sept.18) are posted above. Locations will be posted soon.
  • Assignment 1 has been posted (due September 26).
  • First lecture is on Thursday, Sept 7 in HH 1102.
    Caution: It's in the "new" (extension) part of HH. Don't get lost in the "old" part of HH! The map shows three entrances to the "new" HH.
    Here's what the outside of "new" HH looks like

(60% of grade)

Assignment 1 (due September 26, Q6 edited for clarity on Sept. 14)

Projects (40% of grade)
Each project is an oral presentation to the class. It should explain and analyze some topic in quantum information processing, selected with the approval of the instructor. Your presentation should be about 25 minutes in length. You should explain the topic in your own words, at a level accessible to your classmates. More information about the project component is [here]