Introduction to Quantum Information Processing
QIC 710, CS 768, CO 681, PHYS 767, AMATH 871, PMATH 871 (Fall 2021)


Video lectures (click on any title to get a YouTube thumbnail for the lecture)

Part 1: A primer for beginners

Lecture 1: What is a qubit?

Duration 43:39       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 2: Systems with multiple qubits

Duration 25:29       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 3: Superdense coding and measurements involving multiple qubits

Duration 37:12       Slides: [pdf]       Cutout for slide 11: [pdf]

Lecture 4: Teleportation and the question of copying quantum states

Duration 19:40       Slides: [pdf]

Part 2: Quantum algorithms

Lecture 5: Quantum circuits and classical circuits as algorithms

Duration 28:36       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 6: Simple quantum algorithms in the black box model

Duration 32:18       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 7: Simon's problem

Duration 31:05       Slides: [pdf]       Classical lower bound for slide 4: [pdf]

Lecture 8: The discrete log problem

Duration 38:44       Slides: [pdf]       Supplementary: [pdf]

Lecture 9: Quantum Fourier transform

Duration 17:00       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 10: The phase estimation problem

Duration 26:21       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 11: Algorithms for order-finding and factoring

Duration 37:55       Slides: [pdf]       Supplementary: [pdf]

Lecture 12: Grover's search algorithm

Duration 28:52       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 13: Optimality of Grover's search algorithm

Duration 12:57       Slides: [pdf]

Part 3: Quantum information theory

Lecture 14: Quantum states as density matrices

Duration 30:01       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 15: State transitions via Kraus operators

Duration 32:39       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 16: Stinespring form vs. Kraus form

Duration 25:54       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 17: Distance measures between states

Duration 22:56       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 18: Simple quantum error-correcting codes

Duration 27:13       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 19: Calderbank-Shor-Steane codes

Duration 28:39       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 20: Nonlocality

Duration 26:16       Slides: [pdf]

Lecture 21: Bell/CHSH inequality

Duration 22:37       Slides: [pdf]

  Lecture 22: (to be inserted)

Part 4: Quantum cryptography

Lecture 23: The BB84 key distribution scheme

Duration 28:36       Slides: [pdf]

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