Introduction to Quantum Information Processing
QIC 710, CS 768, CO 681, PHYS 767, AMATH 871, PMATH 871 (Fall 2023)


Information about projects

You are required to give a 25 minute project presentation (plus 5 minutes for questions, for a total time of 30 minutes) on a topic that you select for your project (with approval of the instructor). Your presentation should explain your topic to a target audience whose background is that of a typical student in the course. It should contain some technical content and include your own perspective about the subject.

  • Examples of possible project topics [here]

  • New: some guidelines about presentations [here]


By November 3: proposal of a project topic
This may be a tentative selection. Please take time to think about your topic (which is not required to from the list of examples). Sometimes, communicating with the instructor to discuss potential topics helps lead to a good project choice for your background and interests. In any event, the instructor will review your proposal and either approve it (e.g., for being within the scope of the course) or suggest another topic. By October 31, you should submit:
  • a tentative title

  • a very short abstract (around 20-50 words) summarizing your proposed project

  • link(s) to reference(s) you are looking at

During the last week of classes and final exam period: the project presentations


What if more than one person chooses the same project topic?

This is fine and can be accommodated in two ways: (a) people can team up and present back-to-back talks (one building upon the other) that explain the topic in more detail than a single talk; (2) people can also present separate talks (but then they should work in isolation from each other).