Introduction to Quantum Information Processing
QIC 710, CS 768, CO 681, PHYS 767, AMATH 871, PMATH 871 (Fall 2020)


Grading policies for assignments (please read this carefully)

If you don't know how to solve a particular question (or part of a question) then, rather than writing down a few relevant points in order to obtain some partial credit, you have the option of clearly writing “I DO NOT KNOW” and nothing else. Your grade for that part will be around 25% of the total value. If, instead of doing this, you write something that's not close to a correct answer, you may instead may receive zero credit. The purpose of this policy is to save your time and the time of the graders.

optional bonus questions, the above policy does not apply. You should submit an answer to one of those questions only if you are confident that it is correct. For bonus questions, anything incorrect (or not close to correct) will receive zero credit.

Note that you can ignore all the optional bonus questions and still get 100% if you get the other questions right. Any bonus credit gets carried through all your grades, and is only truncated if your final grade for the course comes in at more than 100%.

Assignments are submitted via CrowdMark (please use
PDF format)

You may work with other people, but should specify the names of your collaborators in your submission, and your write-up should be yours alone.

If you use a reference for your solution, you should cite it, and your write-up should be in your own words.