Grading policies

Partial credit for questions you cannot answer:
  • For any part of a question, if you do not know how to answer it, you have the option of clearly writing “I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION” and nothing else. Your grade for that part will be 25% (rounded up to the nearest integer). For example: if the question is worth 5 points, this is 2/5; if the question is worth 4 points, this is 1/4; if the question is worth 3 points, this is 1/3.
  • If you do answer a question but your solution has serious errors you might receive less than 25% of the grade for it.
  • The above does not apply to any of the optional bonus questions -- you should only answer those questions if you think you have a correct solution. For optional bonus questions, anything that is not very close to a perfect answer is assigned a grade of zero.

Submitting assignments:
Assignments can be submitted in two ways: in hard copy at the beginning of class on the day due or by email before the deadline. For email submissions, please use pdf format and email to the instructor and to both TAs.


You may work with other people, but should specify the names of your collaborators in your submission, and your write-up should be yours alone. Failure to acknowledge collaborations can result in a severe academic penalty.